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What is Chiropractic?

Patient Partnership Quality Mark (PPQM)

Chiropractic has the premise that adjustments at points of nerve interference stimulate the body's own self healing ability. Read more about what to expect during your visit.

This award recognises excellence in meeting the expectations patients have about their chiropractic care. In 2018 we received this award for the third time demonstrating that For Health Chiropractic has successfully met patients' expectations since 2009.

People seek help from chiropractic for a range of problems.


Find out today if our patient partnership quality mark approved practitioners can help.



For Health Chiropractic offers McTimoney chiropractic plus a range of other therapies to provide integrated health care in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Other therapies include:

  • Accupuncture

  • Chiropody

  • Counselling

  • Homeopathy

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Kinesiology Taping

  • Podiatry

  • Psychotherapy

  • Sports and Remedial Massage

  • Sports Therapy

Monday to Thursday:

                       9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Friday:            9:00 am - 6.00 pm

Saturday:       9:00 am - 1.00 pm


For Health Chiropractic

Unit 2

The Old Mill

61 Reading Road




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