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The practice is open for chiropractic and podiatry.  To assess your risk associated with Covid-19, we shall contact you before your appointment and perform a triage.  


We have a number of measures in place to reduce the risk to you when you attend the practice.  These entail:

  • extending and staggering appointment times

  • permitting only one patient in reception at any time

  • asking patients to wear face masks and wash their hands

  • clinicians wear appropriate PPE

  • a strigent cleaning regimen between patient visits    


Unfortuantely, we are currently not able to offer the other therapies.                                                                           8.6.20

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Are you sitting comfortably?

Often, we just accept discomfort as a way of life - it doesn't have to be!


Chiropractic can help you eliminate those aches and pains that are getting you down. At For Health Chiropractic we have over ten years' experience in treating and advising people on their posture and the ergonomics of their work environment.

A 15 minute postural assessment looking for areas of tension or misalignments that are likely to be causing you discomfort and which would benefit from chiropractic.


Whether your job entails sitting at a desk all day, driving several miles a week, lifting heavy/awkward objects, or is just downright stressful, give us a call to arrange a spine check (or a full appointment) on 0118 984 3473, or contact us.


If you would like us to visit your premises, please arrange for the relevant manager/HR representative to contact us.

Harley Designer Pillows in two sizes:

Standard and Lo-Line.

Constructed from visco-elastic memory foam, which moulds to your shape and provides comfort, stability and posture control as well as dissipating body heat.


Harley Seat Wedges tilt the pelvis to aid posture.

Free Spine Check

For Sale


Take advantage of our free spine check today by calling

0118 984 3473

Biofreeze pain relieving gel with ilex for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints. Available in roll-on form.



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