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Chiropractic is suitable for all ages and sorts of people

  • Office workers who have neck and wrist problems from using a computer all day.

  • Manual workers and gardeners with back pain

  • Golfers with elbow problems

  • Busy mums with back ache from picking up after their children

  • People suffering from sports injuries

  • Pregnant women with pelvic discomfort

  • Teenage paper deliverers with shoulder and back pain

  • Mature people who are feeling the effects of old age.


   The list is endless. If you feel you could benefit from Chiropractic get in touch today.

  • Back, neck and shoulder pain

  • Leg pain

  • Joint and muscle problems

  • Headaches

  • Sports injuries

  • Pelvic discomfort during pregnancy

  • Positional vertigo (we help this using the Epley Manoeuvre)

    •   The effects of poor posture

People may bring their pets to a chiropractor when they notice that something has changed in their pet; this may be a change in behaviour, a change in the way the animal is moving or a change in performance.

Please note that before you bring an animal to the chiropractor, you must obtain the veterinary surgeon's (vet's) consent.

People seek help from Chiropractic for a

range of problems:

Small animals

If you're unsure whether we can help you, please call us for a

chat on 0118 984 3473


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